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+852 6113 0225 or
+44 771 502 0724

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+66 (0) 2 715 9400

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Asia Office
903, 9/F, Parkes Commercial Centre
2-8 Parkes Street
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 (0) 2530 8859
Fax: +852 (0) 2530 8100

The Rbi Travel Club Welcomes You

The Rbi Travel Club is a membership program which provides its members with great benefits including:

  • International Travel Cover
  • 24 / 7 Emergency Global Assistance
  • Emergency Evacuation Services
  • Online Medical Advisory Service
  • Online Health Record

All of our travel benefits come with the highest levels of customer support and claims management have an A+ claims paying ability underwriting.

We take pride in providing our members with the right type of cover for what's most important to travelers all over the world. Our international travel cover focuses on what our members need most -- peace of mind while far from home. By concentrating on what is important we are able to offer highly competitive membership benefits at even more competitive rates.

Our flexible memberships are available to travelers from most countries. We offer special membership options for couples and families, easy upgrades and extensions if you wish to extend your trip, multiple trip coverage and student packages for adolescents.

Our memberships are also truly International – benefits do not change according to your nationality or where you purchase your membership. All of our members are treated equally.

We can also provide extra benefits for a wide range of adventure activities, from skiing to wakeboarding and many sports in between.

Rbi Travel Club Memberships are available to members aged 14- 65 *and their dependants.

Wherever you go, the Rbi Travel Club will be there to help.

*some conditions apply

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